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This package has been designed to help SMME’s survive through the global COVID-19 pandemic. Without professional help there is a slim chance of surviving the economic effects of this crisis. Financial advice and marketing are two critical areas that require a hand-in-hand strategy. We’re 2 professionals that have combined our services in response to the desperate need SMME’s have in our community. We want to help. So we’ve drastically reduced our rates to make our services more affordable in a time of crisis.

There are 2 things we know SME’s need right now:

A marketing plan and exposure that will generate business.

Charlene Udal

Marketing Strategist

Financial advice on how to navigate the critical months ahead.

Herman Human

Chartered Accountant

The benefit of your accountant and marketing agency working together:

BrandHeart Digital Marketing has teamed up with BHA Chartered Accountants to deliver these critical services. As professionals in our respected industries we are collaborating to deliver the best possible solution to give SME’s a fighting chance of survival.

The budget is fixed for both services.

No guessing games as to what your business can afford for marketing.

A clear plan of action tailored for your business.

Continuous monitoring of vital stats & readjustment of strategy.

What you can expect with the recovery package:


  • A quick, simple strategy tailored to your business & budget (BHA will identify what you can afford)
  • An online audit to identify what areas need addressing
  • Website development (if required)
  • Set up & execution of an online campaign
  • Monthly advertising spend
  • On-going advice & strategic input
  • Monthly management and reporting to ensure the strategy is delivering ROI


  • Analysing the company’s financial situation
  • Responding with a plan to navigate through the financial year
  • Monthly reporting pack and reassessing the financial plan for the year
  • Assessing current financial information to address the risks and positioning the company based on the financial information.

This package is designed for businesses that have been seriously impacted by COVID-19 and are unsure what specific action needs to take place for the business to survive.



ex. VAT / month

Month to month service. No long-term contracts.

Ready to put a strategic plan in place?